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Introduction: OverviewThe RL granulator uses the characteristic that the melting point of the material is lower than 250℃. According to the viscosity range of the material in the molten state, the molten liquid is evenly distributed on the steel belt moving at a u…

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  The RL granulator uses the characteristic that the melting point of the material is lower than 250℃. According to the viscosity range of the material in the molten state, the molten liquid is evenly distributed on the steel belt moving at a uniform speed under it through a special distribution device, and is set under the steel belt. Under the cooling action of the continuous spray device, the materials are cooled, solidified and packaged in the process of transportation and transportation, so as to achieve the purpose of granulation and molding.
Performance characteristics
   This product is a new type (meltability) molding granulator. Thin steel strips are used for heat transfer and atomized spray cooling to quickly solidify the molten liquid, and a single-machine rotating shell is used. Therefore, maintenance is convenient, wear is minimal, and productivity is high. Fast loading and unloading and replacement of products. In addition, the falling mold forming machine and the steel belt operate synchronously, which can produce uniform ingots at high speed, improve productivity and increase production profits. And it can eliminate dust, improve the environment, and significantly expand the viscosity range. The product is an economical and reliable production process, capable of processing Φ4-12mm particles, these products are very uniform, hemispherical, strip and flake, stable, no thermal stress and high purity and quality. Because the equipment has its own filter and block removal device, the operation is more reliable.
Structure (1)
   According to the melting point (freezing point) of the processed product, the temperature viscosity of the material and the cooling effect, the conveying speed and the speed of the machine head are selected to avoid affecting the production capacity and granular quality.
   The machine changes from liquid to solid granular, which is mainly granulated by a granulating die, which is continuously carried out by a rotary steel belt, and is cooled and shaped by spraying water.
Structure (2)
   The machine is mainly composed of blanking die granulation forming head, cooling conveyor stainless steel belt and pulley, spray cooling system, transmission system, heat preservation device, frame, scraper, etc. The blanking die granulation head is mainly composed of head die sleeve and head mandrel. The spray cooling system is mainly composed of sprinklers and water tanks. The transmission system is mainly composed of a gearbox (reducer), a speed-regulating motor, etc.
Adapt to materials
   This product is suitable for all kinds of materials whose melting point (or softening point) is between 50℃-300℃, and materials with the characteristics of "supercooled crystallization".
skills requirement
  The material must be filtered. Solid impurities must not enter the granulation head, otherwise it will cause the head to wear or block and affect the granulation quality.
  The temperature control should be based on the melting point temperature, and the temperature change of the heat preservation requirement should not exceed ±3℃. The cooling system should be equipped with a filter, and the cooling water temperature is generally between 5°C and 25°C (low water temperature, fast forming, good granularity, and high output).
  This product is a new type (meltability) molding granulator. The work changes from liquid to solid through transportation and cooling, and the materials with melting point range of 50℃~300℃ can be granulated and formed. No dust, improved production environment; and has certain economic value (energy saving, economical packaging container), quick product replacement, beautiful granular products, uniform nearly hemispherical granular shape, no thermal stress; granular products are easy to package, transport, and store , And it is convenient for users to measure, mix or remelt, and can produce continuously. From feeding to packaging, it reduces physical labor, has stepless speed regulation, adjustable flow rate, and convenient operation. It is widely used in petroleum, fine chemical and other industries. One machine can be used to make strips, cuts, and slices; toxic materials can be used for sealing groups.

Process flow

Technical specifications

model RL60-A RL60-B RL60-C RL60-D RL120-A RL120-B RL120-C RL120-D
Effective heat transfer area(m2 2.6 3.6 4.6 5.3 7.3 9.3 10.8 16.6
Main/auxiliary motor power(kw) 1.5/0.75 1.5/0.75 1.5/1.1 1.5/1.1 3/1.5 3/1.5 3/1.5 4/2.2
Dimensions(mm) 5600×1200
Production capacity(kg/h) 80-100 100-150 120-180 150-250 300-380 360-420 380-500 500-800
Gross weight(kg) 1360 1580 1880 2060 2380 2590 2830 4210
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