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CCFBD Series Closed Cycle Fluid Bed Dryer

Introduction: Principle of work◆With nitrogen as heat conduction medium,the equipment can dry materials in pharmaceutical,chemical,biochemical,biological and other technical fieldsmaterials containing organic solvents,as well as recover solvents,with safety,high e…

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Principle of work

◆With nitrogen as heat conduction medium,the equipment can dry materials in pharmaceutical,chemical,biochemical,biological and other technical fields'materials containing organic solvents,as well as recover solvents,with safety,high efficiency and low energy consumption.
◆The air in dryer is heated by heat exchanger under the circulation of blower,and enters the fluidizing bed.Raw materials and hot air have full contact and heat exchange.After the solvent (methanol,acetone,the alcohol etc.in materials is evaporated,under circulating gas driving,fine powder will be collected by nitrogen back blowing bag dust collector,the evaporated vapour enters condenser and cool down by cold medium to recover solvent and separate gas. The separated gas is sent to heater again by fan,it works full cycle like this until all solvent is evaporated,separated and condensed from


◆Mainly used for solvent,solvent-containing materials'drying and solvent recovering.
◆Wet particles and material drying from swinging particles and wet high speed mixing granulation
◆Drying for medicine,food,chemical and other fields containing solvent wet granules and powdery particles.
◆Drying for such materials with large particles,small pieces as well as smaller sticky materials

Sketch of structure


◆High efficiency:equipment is fully closed structure,no dead corner,air inlet and outlet are with high temperature and high efficiency filtration,dust removal efficiency is higher,disassembly and cleaning is easy.
It uses backflush technology after drying,dust removal is more thoroughly,cleaning frequency is lower,operation is simple,which effectively reduces labor intensity and to avoid contamination of product,production meets GMP requirements.
Equipment can run stably for a long time with a high degree of automation.It can not only dry,cool solvents,but also cool materials, drying efficiency is higher than rotary or harrow dryer,drying speed of 4-5 times quicker.At the same time after drying product quality is good and stable to create greater product value to users.

◆Safety:organic solvent has high risk of flammable and explosion,this unit system uses on-line oxygen measurement,explosive-release and explosion-proof venting and other safety techniques,
through intelligent control technology to achieve system oxygen residue monitoring,barometric pressure balance monitoring and automatic adjustment control.
When the air (oxygen)content in the system exceeds 0.5%(v/v),the oxygen measuring device will open nitrogen replenishment valve through the control system,add fresh nitrogen to the system,and restore the amount of system oxygen remaining to safe set value range (closed circuit system designed with positive pressure,oxygen into the process is through feeding process into the circular system).
When the system pressure value exceeds the set value (the circular system pressure balance is set to 0.02mPa),the pressure relief device will automatically open pressure valve,remove the overpressure gas through the intelligent control center Explosion- proof and explosion release device,is another security technical measures,that is,once electrical or critical parts of system has failure,the system can't work normally,air pressure increased to the safety limit (system design pressure value is less than or equal to 0.05Mpa) Explosion-proof and explosion release device will automatically open directional vent and automatically cut off the power,close inlet and outlet valves to ensure that solvent does not have react possibility with oxygen,it effectively avoids the occurrence of fire or explosion accidents in production process,avoids casualties and property losses in maximum and ensures production safety.

◆Energy saving:The equipment is fully closed system,heat medium through screen blows material and has more fully contact with material,the heat and mass transfer process is strengthened,the gas can reach higher moisture content with smaller air volume,so it just needs micro positive work pressure,because of smaller air volume,fan power reduces and noise gets small,wet hot vapour goes through condenser and gets recovered solvent which can be used again,at the same time,low dew point nitrogen by circulating fan enters heater for re-heating recycling,compared to conventional drying equipment, it improves the thermal efficiency,reduces power consumption significantly and saves the energy loss as well as production cost.

◆Environmental protection:the unit has achieved recycling of organic solvent during drying process,on the base in solving difficult drying and heavy pollution emission,it recover and re-use the solvent,at the same time,it gets zero emission to avoid exhaust pollution to environment and achieves practical effect for energy saving with emission reduction.

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